07 Jun 23 - 21:19
Seclu: I kicked SAM too but he didn't move an inch Sad

Morg: I kicked SAM and the stream is back up

5rvdigitaluk: hey

SoNiA: Hi AveD Wink

AveD: hi Sonia Smile

SoNiA: SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

SoNiA: Hi deko!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dekoklik: >.< SoNiA>.<

Der_wichtig: SmilegrinGroove

Der_wichtig: Hello friends. Happy Weekend and HNY, btw.

AveD: bye..have a good night *

AveD: what a line, right? Laughing

AveD: not my fault

AveD: Laughing its posessed.

AveD: ipad adds letters.Its crazy