31 Mar 20 - 03:21
sox: hi everyone!!

SoNiA: Stay at home and listen music Smile

Elec-Tro: GrooveCoolYesCoolGroove

PeteC: Saturday. Have you for a while. Hoping you like.

PeteC: ...

PeteC: ..

PeteC: .

SoNiA: Smilegrin

Molossus: Enjoy the music guys! Thank you for your patience Sonia

Molossus: *looks at the Q* oh... I think we are done actually

Molossus: Were almost done. Couple of hours ago copying was at the letter V

Molossus: EFM will be back to normal

Molossus: Im sorry Sonia... All I can say is: Data copying goes well but we still need time

SoNiA: Artist of the day : ATB Smile

SoNiA: Rolling eyes