07 Jul 22 - 03:12
ski_83: thx for the song Seclu

SoNiA: Thanks for the Smilegrin

Morg: *** NOTICE: All 24Seven.fm stations will be offline today beginning in about 15 minutes and continuing into the afternoon for maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience***

SoNiA: Smilegrin

Razer: LaughingSmilegrin

Razer: Groove

PeteC: Goodnight, EFM!

PeteC: Smile

PeteC: Slow down....

PeteC: Relax...

PeteC: Slow by my baby...

PeteC: Groove

PeteC: We need to keep the finger up and continue.

PeteC: ...because we have to go on no matter how much they pound us into the ground of ignorance.

PeteC: It carries us to that next level.