20 Jun 18 - 12:52
Finnster: ACSS FC!! Just found out about these guys recently. Amazing sounds.

ZeframCochrane: GrooveGrooveGroove thanks again SoNiA

SoNiA: Smile

ZeframCochrane: No thanks Smile bye SoNiA Smile

SoNiA: before I leave Wink

SoNiA: Smile another one?

ZeframCochrane: yep and thanks http://entranced.fm/modules.php?name=Req&asin=GK_GBM&songID=32420

SoNiA: another one?

ZeframCochrane: http://entranced.fm/modules.php?name=Req&asin=WDWRM_SS&songID=32104

ZeframCochrane: Hi SoNiA Smile something from the updates

SoNiA: a request?

SoNiA: Hi ZeframCochrane Wink >.

ZeframCochrane: ok Laughing

ZeframCochrane: >.

ZeframCochrane: GrooveGrooveGroove >^.^