26 Apr 17 - 13:49
SoNiA: Elec-TrSmile Groove

Winter: How's it going?

Elec-Tro: Groove hi Winter

Winter: Hey Elec-Tro.

Winter: It's one of my favorites from that album. I just love it.

Winter: Hey Ski

ski_83: "The Girl With The Midnight Hair" was a decent song. Smile

ski_83: Hi

Winter: Thanks. You too!

SoNiA: time for me to go. Have a nice day Smile

SoNiA: Hi Winter Smile

Winter: Good morning Sonia. Smile

Cobra_Fast: Smile

SoNiA: Hi Cobra Smile a request?

PeteC: I just can't protect the queue while I am doing those things.