19 Feb 18 - 17:08
PeteC: ♥* *deep lurk*

PeteC: Best wishes to all. The very EFM-best!

PeteC: Typical Pete Queue, I will stay with that medium tempo and hope that it grooves you through this part of the day.

PeteC: *lurk*

PeteC: Smile

PeteC: Happy Sunday, all. I will take you for the next period hoping you enjoy your journey.

PeteC: .

PeteC: .

PeteC: .

PeteC: .

Petshopboy: You too Smile

SoNiA: Have a nice day PSB. Nutella forever Wink

SoNiA: Smile

Petshopboy: Laughing

SoNiA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGhnOo-Xzm0