27 Jan 20 - 02:15
LorWhittaker: I can go to all the other channels to hear spaced out stuff, I like the high intelligence stuff, non commercial rhythms and complex like "Best of the Space Brothers, Beyond the Sun", flamenco and spanish,"Pangeon Beat Society Hotel Marrakesh, Silk Sienn

LorWhittaker: After the "blackout" when Entranced.Fm seemed offline, have you come back playing some very unusual disharmonious music. music with dark rhythms to the point it creates darkness in my soul that I've had to turned you off. Don't know what's up with that,

SoNiA: Thank you

SoNiA: Is it possible to take off christmas songs?

PeteC: Good night, my friends.

PeteC: Sometimes it takes being away from the site in order to appreciate just what wealth there is here.

PeteC: I hope you are enjoying the Sounds in the queue.

PeteC: ***voice errors

PeteC: **moved to harder

PeteC: *am more for the

PeteC: I, myself, and more for the chilling sounds rather than the hard house for pushing. Saffron originally had in her vision a site where chill was embraced. That was her intention. It moved tomorrow harder sound and I realize that that tantalized others play it again, in my opinion, the chilling songs by the sounds that I like to keep in my refrigerator.

PeteC: I must admit that I really have been enjoying. Great samples we have from everybody. I'm hopeful that somehow, we can move forward with this station and keep these chilling Sounds here.

PeteC: Please enjoy the sounds.

PeteC: I will be taking you through the next hour or so. If I can last longer perhaps longer

PeteC: Welcome, Melv.