22 Jul 17 - 16:46
SoNiA: Smilegrin

Nitric: I like the music you chose, no requests, just happy to have a playlist to enjoy late into the night

SoNiA: Hi Nitric Smile a request?

Nitric: Hi SoNiA

SoNiA: GrooveYesGrooveYesGroove

SoNiA: GrooveYesGrooveYes

Elec-Tro: GrooveYesSmilegrinYesGroove

SoNiA: Have a nice day Wink

Winter: You too!

SoNiA: Have a nice weekend Smile

SoNiA: Smile

Winter: A little stressed, but getting by.

SoNiA: I'm fine Winter and you?

Winter: How are you?

SoNiA: Hi Winter Smile