27 May 24 - 14:31
ForeveReal: SoNiA Smilegrin Smilegrin You also dear Friend, You are the Master DJ SoNiA, have such a peaceful and nice day Smilegrin Smilegrin

SoNiA: Have a nice day with the music Wink

SoNiA: Thank you for Aromabar Wink

SoNiA: GrooveYesGrooveYesGroove

ForeveReal: SoNiA You always have such amazing variety and taste as a DJ friend Yes Yes

ForeveReal: Smilegrin Smilegrin Absolutely smashing selection today SoNiA !!! Groove Smilegrin thanks so much for special requests SmilegrinSmilegrin

SoNiA: Hello ForeveReal Wink

ForeveReal: Hi there SoNiA!!!!! Smilegrin i was up so late i just woke Up Groove my goodness thanks so much for the specials!!! Groove Groove

ForeveReal: hey there Elec-Tro!! Groove

ForeveReal: is the Radio down today?

ForeveReal: Hello to You in Australia xevsseldne !! Groove Groove having a lovely evening here enjoying Your selection!! Groove Groove

xevsseldne: hi FR Cool

ForeveReal: Hi there xevsseldne!!!! Groove Groove amazing selection

ForeveReal: Thank You so much for this song SoNiA, different stars is so moving Cool

ForeveReal: Smile Smile !! Groove