08 Feb 23 - 05:02
AveD: bye..have a good night *

AveD: what a line, right? Laughing

AveD: not my fault

AveD: Laughing its posessed.

AveD: ipad adds letters.Its crazy

AveD: elec-tro pardon my typo

AveD: very nice queue, elec-tromYes

SoNiA: ok molossus

molossus: Sorry for any inconvenience

molossus: Hi SoNiA! Server is down. We are trying to get it up again but we need time as it seems like a bigger problem

SoNiA: Smilegrin

SoNiA: Happy New Year!! Smile

Winter: Happy New Year, EFM!

PeteC: Happy Cristmas Eve and Christmas to all! Smile

SoNiA: Thank you for the Wink