24 Aug 19 - 02:46
SoNiA: Thank you Smile

molossus: Hi guys! Today we expect another break in the broadcast. JERIC will work on a second phase of server upgrade. Expect music to die somewhere past 11 am server time

molossus: We’ll be back on air as soon as possible

molossus: Sorry for any inconvenience!

molossus: *from lurk* Hi guys! JERIC has a hardware upgrade planned for tonight (Aug 2nd). Expect some down time not long after 9 pm server time

SoNiA: a request?

SoNiA: aloha xevsseldne Smile

xevsseldne: aloha SoNiA Smile

SoNiA: GrooveYesGrooveYesGroove

SoNiA: Hi Winter Smile

Winter: Morning Sonia

Cpmonster: more like this Sam

SoNiA: Nutella PSB Wink

petshopboy: Nutella!

SoNiA: GrooveGrooveYesYesGrooveGroove